Medical record summarization

Medical record summarization is a detailed process of organizing medical records for resolution of personal injury cases, medical malpractice, insurance claims, tort cases and more. These records can be chronological arranged summary that provides an exact timeline of the patient’s (plaintiff) treatment or a comprehensive medical summary that identifies all the treatment that the patient (plaintiff) had till date. We have served law firms that deal with medico-legal cases that includes medical malpractice, personal injury, and tort cases.
Our team of medical writers do a thorough analysis of your records with their strong medical domain knowledge and expertise to fulfill the requirement. We continually train and upgrade the skills and knowledge of our team so that the summaries they provide are update as per the latest standards.
Our highly trained team does the work faster and more cost-effectively and turn around huge volume of pages in a quick time.

Process flow

Medical Taxonomy services

Medical taxonomies are hierarchical arrangements of terms that describe a particular branch of subject or field of knowledge. We develop taxonomies from the scratch for digital health system, e-learning platforms and more

Our product team helps in organizing the structure of the taxonomy by ensuring the data is accurate, optimized and as per the healthcare standards. Our team has successfully created taxonomies for e-publishers website (for students navigating the questions and answers based on subject/topics), taxonomies for clinical decisions (for evaluating test results, treatment options, differential diagnosis), taxonomies for legal and insurance, etc.,

Our customized taxonomy helps the end user to navigate the healthcare websites or question banks in a better way.

Rationale writing and remediation

Our content writing team helps to solve various question banks by developing learning and training rationales for medical education providers. The rationale writing can be customized by providing a rationale for the correct answer and incorrect answers or for the correct answers only. The team also remediates them to the textbook (cite the URL of the webpage) for the end user to make use of the question bank effectively.

Image Indexing

Image indexing is organization of images according to a specific schema, based on concept or text. Our team of medical experts index the medical images based on the abstracts or textbooks. Our team has experience in developing a context-sensitive image indexing model and tag them to the vocabularies used to index each section.

Content tagging/indexing/mapping

Any article or content can be mapped to UMLS, MeSH, SNOMED, ICD-10. Our tech team will be pre-loading our custom platform with the knowledge repositories like UMLS, MeSH, SNOMED-CT, and ICD 10 with the latest versions. Our custom platform identifies the clinical terms and map them with appropriate terms, or the mapping work can be customized based on the guidelines or requirements from the end user.

Web content moderation

Content moderation refers to the screening of inappropriate content that users post on an online platform. The process entails the application of pre-set rules for monitoring content. If it doesn’t satisfy the guidelines, the content gets flagged and removed. Our 24/7 team has hands-on experience in moderating user-generated image and video content, viewing and evaluating the most violent, disturbing, profanity and exploitative comments and help to maintain the website standards and enhance their online reputation. Our moderators constantly identify improvement areas in the workflow and suggest solutions to ensure maximum efficiency.